Veggies & Vegetarian

GrWild Asparagus Vegetables and Vegetarian Food

Priced Per Guest Unless Otherwise Specified, Minimum 10 Guests


 Roasted Asparagus $4
Served with lemon zest, sea salt & balsamic reduction

Asparagus Bundle $4
Roasted asparagus tied with carrot ribbon

Roasted Carrots $4
In our house whiskey glaze or honey glaze

Herb & Olive Oil Roasted Veggies $4
Zucchini, yellow squash, chayote squash, mushrooms, carrots & asparagus

Sautéed Green Beans $4
With pearl onions and prosciutto

Greek Style Green Beans $4
Lightly poached green beans mixed with fresh tomatoes, garlic, pearl onions, parsley & olive oil

Green Beans with Creamy Mushrooms and Onions $4
Sliced cremini mushrooms & shallots

Haricot Vert & Heirloom Carrots $5

Nutty Radishes & Brussel Sprouts $4
Hard roasted olive oil brussel sprouts w/roasted shaved radish & toasted pistachios

Rustic Roasted Vegetables $5
Roasted broccoli, cauliflower & brussel sprouts

Roasted Winter Medley $4
Roasted golden beets, candy cane beets & butternut squash

Spicy Acorn Squash $4

Roasted Butternut Squash $4
With golden raisins

Creamy Corn Pudding $5
Sweet corn, sour cream & cornbread baked until golden & bubbly

Petite Veggie Beggar's Purse $5
Crisp phyllo dough wrapped around seasoned veggies, baked until golden, & served with basil cream



White Lasagna (Serves 6-8) $55
Layered roasted veggies with herb ricotta & parmesan cream

Veggie Beggar's Purse $9
Crisp phyllo dough wrapped around seasoned veggies, baked until golden, & served with basil cream

Veggie Stuffed Whole Pepper $12
Roasted seasonal veggies, layered w/lemon herb ricotta cheese inside whole pepper

Rainbow Veggie Skewers $8
Red, yellow & orange peppers w/zucchini, red onion, purple potato & yellow squash brushed w/herb viniagrette and grilled

Portabella Mushroom Stack $8
Grilled portabellas layered with herbed ricotta polenta

Polenta Torte (serves 8-10) $32
Elegantly layered roasted vegetables with fresh mozzarella, tomato pesto & balsamic reduction in a polenta crust

Asparagus Strudel $8
Layered phyllo wrapped around poached asparagus, sugared pecans & blue cheese. Baked until golden & crisp

Ravioli $8
Wonton sheets filled with lemon ricotta cheese & served with truffled brown butter

Quinoa & Peach Enchiladas $8
Ancient grain quinoa, caramelized onion & sauteed peaches tossed in hoisin sauce, wrapped in a flour tortilla & served with peach salsa