Hors D'oeuvres

Wild Asparagus Cold Hors D'oeuvres

Priced per dozen. Two dozen minimum per item

Cold Hors D'oeuvres

Petite BLT Sandwiches $24
Sourdough rounds layered with vine-ripe tomato, applewood smoked bacon, lemon mayo & crisp greens.

Individual Crudité $18
Carrot, asparagus, green bean, cucumber & tri-colored peppers served in a shot glass with Cajun buttermilk ranch.

Prosciutto Wrapped $18
-Asparagus with lemon aioli
-Peaches with fresh basil and balsamic

Deviled Eggs 
-Traditional $16
-Truffled with chives $18
-Decadent with lobster $25

Ahi Carpaccio $25
Sweet chili & saki marinated ahi tuna diced, set atop crisp wonton with marmalade & wasabi mayo.

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail $32 
Served in a shot glass with cocktail sauce & lemon wedge.

Blackened Shrimp with Roasted Garlic Aioli $29

BLT Skewers $24
Candied bacon, grape tomato, ciabatta crouton, arugula & balsamic reduction.

Asian Cucumber Salsa $21
Diced crisp cucumber tossed in rice wine, sweet chili sauce, pink pickled ginger, cilantro & a touch of soy. Served on a wonton chip.

Watermelon & Basil $18
Cool, refreshing watermelon, marinated fresh mozzarella pearls & garden fresh basil.

Curried Chicken Salad $18
Presented in a phyllo cup with sliced grapes & sugared pecans.

Tomato Basil Bruschetta $19
Sweet red & orange tomato, basil, fresh mozzarella & balsamic reduction on your choice of phyllo cup or crostini.

Ahi Tuna with Soy Ginger Marinade $23
Marinated ahi tuna atop toast points with wasabi mayo.

Crab Louis $19
Served on toast points with lemon mayo, capers & egg.

Rice Paper Rolls 
Served with soy sweet chili sauce for dipping.
-Shrimp $28
-Veggie $27

Stuffed Cherry Tomatoes $16
-Pimento cheese

-Fresh olive tapenade $16
-Sundried tomato tapenade & goat cheese (served warmed) $18
-Beef Tenderloin, arugula & boursin cheese $27

Served in shot glasses.
-Watermelon Cucumber $19
-Asparagus Vichyssoise $21
-Clarified Gazpacho $22
-Berry $24

Hot Hors D'oeuvres

Famous Cheese Puffs
A Wild Asparagus favorite!
-Original $15
-Jalapeño $16

Petite Beef Wellington $28
Savory caramelized onion, sautéed mushrooms, sherry reduction and beef tenderloin wrapped in flaky puff pastry.

Roasted Garlic & Creamy Goat Cheese Baguette $24
Slow roasted whole clove garlic spread over a soft grilled baguette, topped with warm goat cheese & balsamic cherry tomatoes.

Asparagus Cigars $22
Tender poached asparagus, candied pecans & blue cheese wrapped in phyllo.

Crisp Coconut Shrimp $29
Coconut battered shrimp with orange horseradish marmalade.

Southwest Crab Cakes $27
Lump crab with avocado and lime puree.

Crispy Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Medjool Dates
Sweet dates wrapped in smoked bacon and stuffed with your choice of:
-Almond $18
-Chorizo $20

Crispy wontons topped with your choice of:
-Buffalo chicken with feta & creamy ranch $24
-Duck confit with apple, cherry & wild mushroom with soy sweet chili sauce $26
-Crab rangoon with sweet & sour sauce $26

Lamb Lollipops $39
Stone ground mustard encrusted lamb with tzatziki

Asian Meatballs $17
Snow pea wrapped skewer

Mini Quesadillas
-Sweet BBQ pork & cheddar $18
-Chicken & cheddar $18
-Tenderloin, caramelized onion & blue cheese $23
-Lobster or crab, mushroom & ricotta $28

-Chicken, raisin & olive $18
-Buffalo chicken $19
-Roasted veggie & boursin cheese $19
-Traditional seasoned beef $20
-Chorizo & manchego $24
-Wild mushroom & duck confit $26
-Beef tenderloin, caramelized onion & blue cheese $26

Stuffed Mushroom Caps
-Boursin & panko $18
-Artichoke & parmesan $18
-Mom's cornbread & sausage stuffing $19
-Our Southwest-inspired crab cake filling $24

Chicken & Waffles $22
Crunchy fried chicken set on a thin waffle drizzled with pepper-infused honey.

Mini Sliders
-Classic cheeseburger with pickle, ketchup & mustard $22
-BBQ bacon & cheddar $24
-Bourbon pulled chicken $24
-Sweet BBQ pork on Hawaiian bread $24
-Crab cake with avocado aioli $28

Brie & Pear Beggars Purse $26
Caramelized pears with almond & brie wrapped in crisp phyllo purse.

Artisan Pizzas
-Margherita $18
-Veggie $18
-Pistachio pesto & chicken with goat cheese $22
-Sausage & smoked gouda $24

Prosciutto Wrapped $18
-Crisp red apples & manchego
-Grilled peaches & basil
-Pear, blue cheese & arugula

Korean Tacos $26
Slow cooked beef short rib on a petite flour tortilla round, topped with pickled ginger & cucumber salsa.

Quinoa Stuffed Petite Pepper $18
Fire roasted mini peppers filled with ancient grain quinoa, caramelized onion & chihuahua cheese.

-Lemongrass chicken $19
-Thai chicken with peanut sauce $19
-Five spice plum chicken $19
-Pork teriyaki $20
-Teriyaki beef $22
-Orange mint beef $22

Petite Grilled Cheese
-Raspberry & brie on raisin bread $21
-Bacon & cheddar on sourdough $22
-Reuben $22
-Cuban $22
-Grilled chicken & smoked gouda $23
-Tomato Soup Shooter & grilled cheese $22

Croque Monsieur Bites $22
Classic sandwich bites served with lots of ham & cheese

Sundried Tomato & Fontina Arancini $21
Sundried tomato risotto balls with pesto cream sauce.

Petite Potato Puffs
Creamy mashed potatoes baked until crust is golden brown.
-Garlic $18
-Red skin loaded with cheddar, bacon & scallion $20
-Yukon Gold, truffle & rosemary $20
-Truffled goat cheese $22