Wild Asparagus Catering Entrees

Priced Per Guest Unless Otherwise Specified, Minimum 10 Guests


Whole Stuffed Beef Tenderloin $27
-Focaccia & mushroom
-Roasted red pepper, spinach & goat cheese
-Cornbread & sausage
-Granny Smith apples & sourdough

Braised Short Ribs $19
-Asian inspired
-Merlot, sweet tomato & herb

Beef Skewers $16
Tender beef marinated, grilled, and skewered with fresh veggies.

Prime Rib $36
Whole roasted prime rib cooked to medium rare. 

-Filet mignon - 6 oz. $28
-Filet mignon - 8 oz. $36
-New York strip $18
**Price includes choice of sauce

Bistro Steak Medallions $14
3 - 2 oz. medallions with choice of sauce

W.A. Beef Wellington $27
Chopped marinated beef tenderloin, mushrooms & onion encrusted in golden puff pastry


Herb Crusted Chicken $8
Chicken breast served with parmesan cream sauce

Layered Herb Crusted Chicken $12
Chicken breast layered with flaky puff pastry, tomato, pesto & warm brie

Corn Crusted Chick Breast $8
with tomato salsa & light chipotle cream drizzle

Chicken Tenders $6

Chicken Marbella $8
Chicken breast marinated in red wine vinegar & brown sugar. Served with a sauce of prunes, green olives, capers, white wine & oregano

Chicken Tagliata $8
Chicken breast, marinated in fresh herbs, balsamic, red onion & lemon then grilled

Mediterranean Chicken $8
Artichoke, tomato & kalamata olives w/lemon, white wine sauce

Pesto Chicken with Brie $8
Chicken breast, diced and tossed in pesto cream served in a flaky puff pastry cup, topped with melted brie

Herb Roasted Turkey Breast $7
Turkey breast wrapped in fresh sage, rosemary, and thyme, roasted & sliced

Stuffed Chicken Breast $9
-Focaccia & mushroom
-Roasted red pepper, spinach & goat cheese
-Mom's cornbread & sausage stuffing
-Marinated artichokes, sundried tomato & feta
-Granny smith apple & brie
-Spinach, feta & pine nuts
**Served with choice of demi sauce

Chicken Skewers $8
Chicken breast meat marinated, grilled, and skewered with fresh veggies

Quinoa Chicken Enchiladas $8
Quinoa Asian enchiladas w/grilled chicken, hoisin sauce & grilled peach salsa

Carved Duck Breast $9
Tender duck, crisp skin & orange glaze



Wild Asparagus BBQ Pulled Pork $7
Tender pork shoulder slow cooked with bacon & tangy BBQ sauce. Served with mango salsa & Hawaiian rolls (served buffet style only)

Grilled Bone-In Chicago Cut Pork Chop $14
Seasoned & seared chop grilled to perfection with bourbon glaze or choice of chef-inspired sauce

Seared Stuffed Pork Tenderloin $8
-Focaccia & mushroom
-Mom's Cornbread & sausage stuffing

Dijon Crusted Tenderloin $8

Pork Loin Tagliata $8
Lean pork loin rubbed w/fresh basil, thyme, oregano, lemon zest, fresh garlic, white wine & seasonings then grilled and roasted

Pork Marabella $8
Savory wine sauce with olives, prunes & capers

Pork Tenderloin Skewers $8
Pork tenderloin marinated, grilled and skewered with fresh veggies

Honey Glazed Spiral Ham $8
Served with maple bourbon or pineapple maple pecan sauce


From the Sea

Wild Asparagus Catering Fish Entrees

White Fish
Choice of oven roasted or herb crusted with choice of sauce
-Tilapia $7
-Halibut $28
-Chilean sea bass $28
Recommended sauces: garlic caper cream, buerre blanc, basil cream, roasted red pepper, sundried tomato cream

-Seasoned oven roasted filet- Market price
-Coconut crusted filet with mango pineapple salsa - Market Price

-Seared jumbo scallops with lemon chive aioli & crisp wonton - Market Price
-Crab stuffed tail-on shrimp (3/guest) $18
-Grilled lobster tail with drawn butter $28

Fire Roasted Corn Crab Cakes $15
Lump crab meat, fire roasted corn & peppers topped with avocado & lime puree

Ahi Tuna Steak $18
Marinated in soy sauce, sake & sweet chili, and then seared


Choice of sauce included in price of entrée

Red wine, apple port, cherry port, white wine, red wine mushroom, white wine mushroom, lemon white wine, apricot white wine
Parmesan, basil, roasted red pepper, garlic caper, sundried tomato, spicy horseradish, stone ground mustard, gorgonzola, pine nut

Asian Inspired
Sweet chili, teriyaki, orange



For delivery or pickup orders, please note that certain items require cooking and/or assembly prior to serving.

Pricing subject to change based on market price and availability of ingredients.

Organic options available upon request.  Additional charge may be applied.